What We Do


We make fresh bread on a daily basis and offer a wide range of bread including white bread, our popular GI loaf, Sourdough, hazelnut and raisin and a walnut and banana loaf. We are also experimenting and trying out new types of bread. We can also have these sliced for you, however we recommend hand cut 'doorstep' slice.


Our cake selection is an extensive one, all our cakes are baked fresh on the premises. It ranges from the traditional Victoria sponge, fruit scones, carrot cake, ginger cake, lemon drizzle, cookies and rocky road to toffee crisp bar, popcorn surprise, millionaires shortbread and cheesecake. Not to forget to mention the Raspberry oat and nut bar and Date and oat which proves popular with our large cycling community. (cake selection does vary)


We offer a variety of salads on a daily basis with some daily special salads also on offer.

Scones & Pastries

We also make fresh scones most morning fruit or cheese. Try a fruit scone with butter, cream and our own homemade raspberry jam. Also offer a selection of freshly homemade pastries, criossants and pan au chocolat.
  1. Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
    We offer a good selection of gluten free cakes and lunches. Our soup is always gluten free and although we don't make a gluten free bread, we do offer gluten free sandwiches. On fish and chip night we make gluten free batter for your fish.
  2. Bread
    we are continually experimenting with various sourdough and semi sourdough. Rye Breads. Making bread is a science.
  3. Fish and Chip Friday
    Fish and Chip Friday
    From 4.00pm - 8.00pm we open for Fish & Chips. We take orders all day on a Friday. Take away or eat in out of the paper.
  4. Salads
    Choose from a selection of Salads daily
  5. Gluten free
    Gluten free
    Gluten free brownies in the making!
  6. Cheesecake
    Double Chocolate
  7. Assorted Individual Tarts
    Assorted Individual Tarts
    Traditional Bakewell, Cherry and chocolate, Pecan! Which one do you choose??
  8. Fruit Scones
    Fruit Scones
    Yes, this lot only keeps us going the one day! We make the raspberry jam to fill them with..